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Gym simple helps you keep track of all your workouts

Track any activity

Gym simple is fully customizable

Wherever you may be

Never lose track of your workout history

Gym Simple

Boost your performance with this beautifully designed, easy to use application

Record all your workouts and fitness activities with Gym Simple. Track and measure performance with powerful graphs. Share achievement with friends and what’s more, it’s FREE!
Never miss a workout again. Insert or edit exercise information later to amend your fitness results. Train any exercise, switch between metric and imperial, take back control of your health!
Your progress is automatically updated on a series of easy to read graphs. The date range of the graph can be set with a swipe and when you’re happy, share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.
Choose a name, an icon and the units you want to track: weight, time, distance and you’re done! Exercises can then be grouped into custom workouts to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Graph your workout

Seeing your improvement boosts motivation, that’s why we added a powerful graphical component in to Gym Simple.
With our easy to use graphs, you can quickly visualize your workouts to see the improvements your making. Swipe to set home in on the date range your interested in then share the results via Facebook, Twitter in and email with a click.
  • Weight 50%
  • Sets 30%
  • Reps 90%

Custom Exercises and Workouts

Gym allows you to create any exercise imaginable in just 4 easy steps! Exercises can then be added to custom workouts.

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